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Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 2: “How to prepare your E-book pages.”

Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 2: “How to prepare your E-book pages.” – Let’s start with the very first steps you need to take before you “compose” your E-book. 

You can choose between two formats…

…EXE and .PDF.

Basically, an E-book is just a text document, formatted to be read on a digital device, like a PC, iPad, or E-book reader like Kindle or Nook, etc.

There are many software packages available to create and compile your eBook’s.

The most popular formats are .PDF, .PUB, .MOBI or .EXE format.

Adobe’s “Portable Document Format” or PDF is the oldest E-book format and also the most used in the world.

The advantage of .PDF eBook’s is that they can be read on any computer, Mac and Windows PC’s included. All you need to read a .PDF file is the free Acrobat Reader software.

eBooks’ in .EXE format can only be used by Windows users, but the software that creates these kinds of eBooks’ can be handy if you want to personalize -or customize- your E-book.

You’ll find a list of E-book compilers here:

I highly recommend you stick with the .PDF format, as it’s the most popular format. But it’s up to you to decide what format you will use.

If you don’t have a word processing program like MS Word, you can use Google Docs, or you can download the Open Office suite free. It comes with a good word processing tool.

To create a .PDF document from a MS Word .doc file you can purchase the Adobe Acrobat program.

Cost: about $250…

Now let me guess…

You don’t want to spend that much money, right? 🙂

Don’t worry..

You can create .PDF files at no cost here:

Your documents will look exactly as you intended and are accessible to anyone across a broad range of hardware and software.

Here’s a list of other online services that will create an E-book for you at zero cost:

Ok, so now you should have your PDF E-book ready.


Of course, you already know that your spelling, grammar structure and link relevance should be checked twice to guarantee an excellent product.

Once you have written your book, make sure that you make a backup copy, in case the worst should happen to your PC.

You wouldn’t believe how many people forget to make backups and find themselves in complete despair when bad luck strikes.

Think about all those hours of inspiration and perspiration that get wasted! Ouch!

* If you design your eBook pages, try to focus on being consistent and informative.

* Make it easy for your readers to navigate through your book pages, or they will skip your material.

* Do not use fancy colors or buttons. Have you ever seen a newspaper or magazine with orange text on a yellow background?

There’s no need to revolutionize the way publishing is done with your Ebook 🙂

* Check and re-check to see if the links (if you have inserted them) work, and if any images show up correctly.

* Try to limit the use of images, because they take up a lot of space, and your E-book should not be too large to download.

* Place your E-book title on the first page, add your author name below it, and make a clickable index of all the different pages.

If you don’t know how to do it in Word, here’s a video that will help: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkyisWIE3kQ

Here’s a video for Google Docs:

Next, you will need a great looking cover for your E-book.

It’s a fact… People DO judge books by their cover. A well-designed cover will make your E-book stand out from all the rest and will help you to sell more copies.

So, if you plan to sell BIG… go create a stunning cover for your book.

Of course, creating an E-book cover is something that most of us don’t have the knowledge and talent to do… and so, we pay up to $100 just for ONE E-book Cover…

To cut out that cost, you can create them yourself with  Photoshop Action Scripts.

It’s really not that hard, and if you have a copy of Adobe Photoshop, there’s really no limit to your creativity…

Action Scripts are a preprogrammed set of instructions for Adobe Photoshop, and when they are executed from within the software, they create your final graphic – be it a stunning software box, and E-book or CD/DVD cover.

This is exactly how the professional eCover graphic artists do it, but now you can do the same, without spending a hefty $97 for one eCover.

Photoshop Action Scripts can shave days off the lengthy process of creating high-quality eCover Graphics and can also turn your sales page into a cash-producing credibility machine.

Go here for more info about book cover design:

If you don’t have an appealing eCover for your product, you’re leaving money on the table, so go for a professional cover.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, there are online services that will create your breath-taking E-book cover.

Here’s a list:

You can also hire a book cover designer on Fiverr. Here’s a good one:
https://nl.fiverr.com/mrebook/create-an-attractive-ebook-cover-for-you-and-let-you-pick-the-s tyle-paperback-hard-copy-or-ezine-format

Ok, now that you have a great book cover, and all the pages are properly linked, you’re ready for the next lesson.

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