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Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 3: “Upload Your E-book and Get it Ready to Sell.”

Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 3: “Upload Your E-book and Get it Ready to Sell.” – Once you have your E-book properly formatted, it’s time to upload your E-book to your web server, so your potential readers or customers can buy and download a copy to their hard disk.

The quickest way is to upload your E-book to Amazon’s Kindle Digital Publishing store: http://kdp.amazon.com

But if you are going to do it yourself, it’s obvious that to make your E-book available online you need some space on a web server to store your E-book file.

There are many free web hosting providers that will store your E-book.

If you perform a search for “free web hosting” on Google, you’ll find a huge list.

However, here’s a word of warning…

Free web hosting services are not always reliable, and have many downtimes… making it impossible for your visitors to get to your web site or sales page.

So, if you’re serious about your E-book business, I strongly advise you to get a real web hosting account, so that you can upload your files 24/7, with full FTP access.

These days you can get a web account for a small fee from Bluehost:

I’ve used Bluehost for many years without any hassles. Their customer service is prompt and they’re excellent value and very flexible.

The basic plan is more than enough to get started, and you can always upgrade to a bigger account later, once your E-book business “explodes”… which is a good thing 🙂

There is also Wealthy Affiliate who offers training, websites, hosting, domains, Instant Help & Support, 1000’s of Community Experts, Live Classes, World Class WordPress Hosting, Plus Much More!

To upload your E-book to your web server, you can use FileZilla (it’s free): http://filezilla-project.org

You can also set up a free blog for your book on Blogger or with WordPress, if you want to start without any money.

But I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate   to use your own web hosting, as you will have full control over your site and content.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and other online services often change their policy, and you don’t want to see your book business go down because of their new rules.

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