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Write & Create eBooks: Creating a Download Link.

Write & Create eBooks: Creating a Download Link. If you run your own book site, you’ll need to create download links so that customers can download the book that you just sold to them.

A download link is just a pointer that sends the customer’s web browser to the url of a file.

Once the customer clicks that link, the download will automatically start.

For example, let’s say that your website is located at:

You’ll need to create a directory on your server where you’ll store the files for download.

Try to name it something that people won’t be able to guess, otherwise, you’ll have online thieves getting your products for free.

Once you’ve created a new directory, let’s say you called it ‘xyz123’ and that you upload a product file called ‘myebook.zip’ to that directory.

The download link for this file is:

Upon successful completion of payment, this is the link your customer can use to download his purchase.

If you use a payment processor such as PayPal, you can specify PayPal to automatically redirect the customer to this download link after (s)he successfully makes the payment.

This way, everything happens without any further effort on your part – you really could be sleeping and making profits at the same time!

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