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Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 4: “How to Promote Your Ebook Online.”

Write & Create eBooks: Lesson 4: “How to Promote Your Ebook Online.” I promised to tell you how to grab your first time website visitors by the neck, by capturing their email addresses and get them back to your website over and over again…

…so here’s how it’s done…

You can use a pop-up window to give away free tips (or offer a sample) from your Ebook.

TIP: If you have a WordPress blog, which I highly recommend, you can use a plugin called Popup Ally, it’s free to use and easy to setup: https://ambitionally.com/popupally-pro

When you offer your visitors your free gift, you can collect their name and email addresses, and later follow up on them, if they decide not to buy.

This way you’ll build an opt-in list, and this list will be the MOST valuable tool in your marketing toolbox.

Pop-up windows may be found annoying by many surfers, but they really work.

I get around 10 new people a day signing up for my 4 Day E-book Email course…

… and hey, didn’t you also sign up to this course via my sign-up form?

Well, there’s the proof!

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Regards, Coyalita

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