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YouTube Authority: Integrate Social Media Links

YouTube Authority: Integrate Social Media Links

YouTube provides you with the ability to add your social networking links to your channel header.

Every single successful channel on YouTube does this and is highly recommended because it will help you build your network.

People who are curious enough to view your channel are likely going to be intrigued enough to interact with you via your social networking accounts, or at the very least follow you on social media.

You can maximize your exposure by integrating your social media links on your YouTube channel.

By redirecting people from your channel to your social media, your social networking power will grow. Some of those originally brought from your channel will tell others about you and further expand the exposure for your brand.

Include Channel Art

The channel art is the header image at the top of your channel and is the ideal place for you to incorporate your logo. With channel art, anything goes, as long as you don’t settle for one of YouTube’s default backgrounds.

First impressions matter, as the channel header is one of the first things that viewers will see.

Incorporating a custom header will give your channel a unique look and atmosphere. Having a generic header background will only indicate to the viewers that your channel isn’t high quality, and they will most likely pass it by.

When you create an appealing background header, it can help potential subscribers see what else you have to offer. Take the time to design your channel art that will leave an impression on your first- time viewers and will get people wanting to return to your channel time and again.

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