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YouTube Authority: Types of Videos You Can Create

YouTube Authority: Types of Videos You Can Create – One of the reasons why many businesses have yet to jump on the video marketing train is because they feel they lack creativity.

Many smaller companies and entrepreneurs see articles and blog posts as the safe choice and much easier to manage.

It may seem like it is much easier to write about a different topic each week, than it is to create a new and unique video every week.

However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. There are a number of useful types of video content that your YouTube viewers will enjoy and that will help to separate you from the competition.

Vlogs – Video blogs or vlogs are easy to produce, won’t cost you a ton of money to make, and are personality-driven, which can substantially increase your engagement with your audience.

However, few companies are taking advantage of this unique content idea. More companies are choosing, instead, to spend their money on product demos and polished business intro videos.

While there is nothing wrong with taking this approach, vlogs are much cheaper to produce and can be created in as little as five minutes.

More and more businesses are embracing vlogging, so instead of trying to come up with new content every week, you could try documenting your journey through a vlog.

Vlogging is a great medium to share your journey because of its intimacy and how easy it is to build a relationship with your target audience.

Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos can make your business seem more human and more alive, and there is no better mediums for tapping into this human element.

Culture videos can include birthday parties, pranks, slice-of-life employee interviews, and everything in between.

The goal is to show your target audience that your business isn’t just clockwork, but a social fabric with a ton of personality.

These days it can be hard for businesses to create unique and compelling content that cuts through the online noise. At some level, you will end up just regurgitating material that is already out there.

The only way your company can truly stand out and be unique is by differentiating yourself through your personality, and the easiest way to do this is to lift the veil and provide your viewers with a behind the scenes look and what goes on in your company.

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