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YouTube Authority: Comment on Similar Videos 

YouTube Authority: Comment on Similar Videos – This isn’t to say that you should be spamming other YouTube channels with self-promoting comments.

Instead, you want to try to leave comments of value or insightful feedback on favorite videos that are relevant to your business.

Leaving comments on videos that are in the same niche as yours will open your channel up to new viewers that may be more inclined to see what your channel has to offer.

When your top comment is one of the first that viewers see, it can provide you with great exposure for your channel and may induce others to explore and perhaps even subscribe to your channel.

If you are well known enough, some of your fans may stumble across your comments and replies. This happens more often than you might think, and small channels usually take advantage of this on popular competitors’ videos to gain more exposure.

Use Social Media

If you haven’t already set up your accounts for your YouTube channel through the other major social media networks, you need to do this immediately.

There is not a single successful channel on YouTube that doesn’t integrate at least one of their social media accounts with their channel.

Social media is essential for reaching a broader audience and marketing your videos. It is one of the only ways that you can establish your online presence and advertise your channel.

There is a broad base of potential subscribers just waiting to be reached in the major social networks, so immersing yourself in these platforms is an effective way to reach those users that may not have found your channel otherwise.

As your social media accounts grow, so will your marketing power. As your marketing power grows your ability to drive potential subscribers to your channel dramatically increases.

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