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YouTube Authority: Strategies for Increasing Your Customer Engagement

YouTube Authority: Strategies for Increasing Your Customer Engagement- Audience engagement is a crucial aspect for growing your YouTube channel, especially in the beginning.

Unfortunately, the path to higher engagement with your target audience isn’t that linear.

The YouTube algorithm doesn’t give preference to videos with a higher number of views, but instead, it takes the session time of a user into account.

This means that you need to hook the visitor, get them to spend more time on your online video, and get them to interact with you in the comments.

Here are some of the best strategies for increasing your engagement numbers on YouTube:

Create Simple and Beautiful Thumbnails

Having a simple and eye-catching thumbnail for your videos will
increase your customer engagement by 154% according to

Since our eyes are naturally drawn to images, you’ll most likely fail to attract more clicks on your great videos if you use the usual and boring thumbnails.

YouTube makes it extremely easy to create thumbnails by giving you the option to choose a custom thumbnail when you upload your videos.

You want to make sure that you have a distinct thumbnail for each video that you upload and make sure that they set the users expectations for what they will get when they click on your video.

You also need to make sure that you create a compelling title to gain the attention of your target audiences.

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