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YouTube Authority: Add Annotations to Drive User Actions

YouTube Authority: Add Annotations to Drive User Actions – If you want your viewers to do something, then you have to state what you want them to do explicitly.

If you aren’t upfront with your communications, you run the risk of simply getting more views on your videos without seeing any profitable customer action or increasing your YouTube engagement.

An excellent way for you to bolster your subscriptions and increase participation is by using annotations, which are little boxes that appear during the video that remind viewers to take action.

The four primary goals of adding annotations to your videos are to gain subscribers, grow your viewership and watch time, interact with your target audience, and drive traffic to your external website.

YouTube also likes to see more interaction in the form of comments, shares, and likes, so adding a simple annotation or encouraging viewers to share your videos on their social network can be extremely helpful.

You’ll need to experiment with the different types of annotations and their timing to ensure you are getting the best results for your efforts.

Keep Your Videos Short

The video watch time is a key ranking factor for videos. The percentage of your video watched carries more weight than the number of minutes watched, but you still want to try and improve the score of both.

Thanks to our decreasing attention spans, it can be a considerable challenge to get more people to stick around and watch your video.

Reports have shown that on average, a user will only spend 20 seconds on a website. Which makes it incredibly important to grab the attention of your viewers in the first 10 seconds.

You also want to keep your videos to no longer than three minutes.

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