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YouTube Authority: Scheduling Your Uploads

YouTube Authority: Scheduling Your Uploads – If you want to establish a strong presence on YouTube and find success, then you have to make sure you are uploading videos regularly.

Your channel has to have up-to-date content so that you are always on the mind of your subscribers.

Think about how often you want to upload a new video and take into account factors like the length of time it takes you to create a video.

In an ideal situation, you will have enough time to make a good quality video and upload it according to your schedule.

However, you don’t want to have too long of an interval between your uploads because online audiences can be extremely fickle and can forget about you quickly.

The best option is to find a balance that will suit both your hectic schedule and your audience.

Equipment and Software You’ll Need

You may think that you will have to go out and buy a bunch of expensive camera equipment, like a camera and lens or lighting, but you probably have all the stuff you need already.

These days most smartphones come with high definition camera, and most laptop computers come with inexpensive webcams that can be used for creating high-quality videos.

When it comes to lighting, all you need is to place a few lamps strategically around the room to provide you with light that looks professional.

Doing a simple search for “photography lighting” on Amazon or eBay will bring you hundreds of options for lighting.

These days you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on producing high-quality videos for your YouTube channel.

One thing that you do need to consider is the editing software that you are going to use. There are plenty of options on the market that will meet your requirements, and that won’t break your budget.

Do some research to determine which editing software that will be easy for you to use and that will fit in your budget

Here are a few options:

Apple iMovie – For Mac users only. This is a free tool that is
usually included with your Mac.

Movie Maker – A free video editing tool for Windows users.

Final Cut Pro X – A more advanced video editing tool which does require you to pay for use.

Adobe Premier Pro – Another advanced video editing tool
which requires payment for use.

Choosing your equipment and editing software are important decisions that you should make before you get started.

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