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YouTube Authority: Selecting a Category

YouTube Authority: Selecting a Category -There are several categories in YouTube that you will need to consider. With such a massive collection of videos in their storage, YouTube has no choice but to classify those videos.

When you start to review the categories, you want to try to imagine the kinds of videos that are commonly seen in each group.

There are 15 different categories that YouTube’s library of videos are broken into and include:

 Autos and Vehicles
 Entertainment
 Education
 Film & Animation
 How-to and Style
 Gaming
 Music
 Nonprofits and Activism
 News and Politics
 Pets and Animals
 People and Blogs
 Science and Technology
 Travel and Events
 Sports

These categories, at first glance, may appear only to be useful for searching through the millions of videos in YouTube’s library.

However, take some time to look at the categories and consider what it would be like to pursue each topic individually, which can be an insightful practice for finding your niche.

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