10% Conversion Writing the Perfect Review to Convert

10% Conversion Writing the Perfect Review to Convert

10% Conversion Writing the Perfect Review to Convert Tons of affiliate marketers understand the importance of providing a product review. It is a fantastic way of turning that hesitant researcher into a hungry buyer.

The first thing you want to do after finding the right product is make a list that you will use for your review. List the pros and things with which you were really impressed. Then list the things you did not like and sections that left room for improvement.

Use that information to fill out these two review outlines:



  1. I found out about _ (product name) _ by ________. The sales page was full of hype, and I admit I got suckered into buying it… like a fool.
  1. I was expecting this eBook to cure my migraines forever. I eagerly read the report and was disappointed that it was only 15 pages long. How could my migraines (which I have had for 20 years, by the way) be cured by this 1 technique that only took 10 minutes a day?
  1. Even though I was skeptical, I figured it would not hurt to try the technique. I had a splitting headache, so it was the perfect time to evaluate this method out.
  1. I tried it out while laying on my bed. After a few minutes of feeling stupid, I was surprised to learn that my headache was almost gone.
  1. There was still a little throbbing behind my eyes, but it was hardly even noticeable at all. Ten minutes later I was feeling calm and rested, all from this simple technique.
  1. I am sure this guide is not for everyone, though. If you are not into the idea of natural remedies then you will not like this eBook, so do not waste your money on it.
  1. If you are ready to get rid of your migraines for the last time, get this report/product now!

The headline should be compelling. One of the best ways to do this is to state that you were surprised or shocked about your personal experience with X product.

Point one: Let them know who you are, how you found the product in question, and let them know that you have bought it. Make your customer feel a little suspicious of the product by hinting at something like “it was over-hyped” or “it wasn’t at all what I expected.

Point two: State the important things you expected from the product, and how your dreams were interrupted by a fault in the product.

Point three: Even though you thought there was no chance of it working, you decided it would not hurt to try.

Point four: You tried the product and were shocked at its (positive) effect.

Point five: Throw them off guard by NOT giving a glowing review. If some symptoms are still there, let them know. If it is only a short-term strategy for their problem, let them know.

Point six: State that the product is not perfect, and it is not for everyone. Tell them who will not gain anything from this and who should not bother buying it.

Point seven: State the best benefit of the product (what it will do for the customer) and direct them to buy from your link. Optional: offer a bonus product for buying through your affiliate link.

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