IM Business Models Creating an eCommerce Store

IM Business Models Creating an eCommerce Store

If you are going to become a drop seller, then creating an ecommerce store will be incredibly helpful when it comes to generating sales. What is more, an ecommerce store can also be extremely helpful when it comes to several other of these business models. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

An ecommerce store is an extension of your website or blog through which you can sell products. This will list your items and allow people to easily buy them and will then manage your sales – for you to pass them on to your manufacturers/wholesalers. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

As with creating a membership site, you can often create an ecommerce store simply by adding a plug in to your WordPress site. (“How to Get Started Drop Shipping on Ebay”) One of the most popular options is WooCommerce ( which simply requires you to install the plugin to your WordPress and then start entering your items, your prices, and your payment details (for receiving payments).

If you’re looking for something a bit larger, then another choice is Magento ( Magento works just like WooCommerce except it is not a WordPress plugin. This means you will need to set up a Magento store like a separate site on your server and then point to it. In exchange, you get a much more powerful system capable of listing up to 50,000 items (whereas WooCommerce is suitable for up to 500 items). (“How to Get Started Drop Shipping on Ebay”)

An alternative route to go is Shopify ( Shopify is a ‘hosted’ solution, which means that you do not install or upload it yourself.

Instead, Shopify is like a separate website with a login, and you then create a store on that site and then link to it from your own blog. Shopify grants you less flexibility as compared with a self-hosted solution such as WooCommerce. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”) However, in exchange it is easier to manage since it is not ‘your responsibility’ as it were.

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