Mastering Business Finance

Mastering Business Finance

What Every Manager Should Know

Mastering Business Finance – No subject seems to pervade our lives as much as finance. Whether it’s wrestling with your family budget or seeing if your company qualifies for a bank loan, finance looms larger than any other technical subject on a daily basis.

With the downsizing of companies and staff, managers at every level are having to face financial matters in ever-greater proportions today. If you haven’t yet been asked to scale down inventories or set up financing for departmental projects, chances are you will be soon.

In today’s corporate environment, nonfinancial managers are expected to make financial decisions fast. In fact, your decision often was due “yesterday.” If that’s not enough pressure, the arrival of computers and cyberspace has given your competition access to more financial facts, in greater detail and more promptly, than ever before.

The need to make financial decisions quickly is vital to your success. There’s no time for an in‑depth study of financial concepts and their meaning when your boss or your employees are expecting a yes or no answer right away.

This report is meant to strip away the fear and confusion you may experience about finance. It explains expense and capital budgets, financial analysis and cash management, and tells you how to go about raising money—all in language that’s easy to understand.

We explain jargon where we have to use it—and where we think that a picture would be worth a thousand words, you’ll find an example or an illustration.


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