100 Energy Saving Tips

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100 Energy Saving Tips It begins with your commitment. If you want to save energy, you have to be committed enough to doing the necessary things for it.

Without your commitment, you may not become mindful of your actions, which can directly or indirectly affect your overall energy consumption. Thus, you have to be committed, so that you can see results in it.

Make it a practice to turn off the lights in your room. Lots of people today leave their bedrooms without turning the lights off. Although lights do not consume much electricity, lots of energy would be wasted if you constantly left them turned on for most parts of the day, even if you are not inside the room. Thus, make it a practice to turn off the lights, so that you can save energy.

Replace your filters regularly. Most heating and cooling equipment requires clean filters, in order for them to run clean. The filters can also help them to become more energy efficient. With that, replacing your filters regularly can help you save a lot in terms of energy consumption. Ask your technician about it, so that you will know when is the best time to do so.

Dirty coils make your appliances consume more electricity. Refrigerator coils can get dirty over a certain period of time. In most cases, they can accumulate a lot of dirt within the six-month period; and, when that happens, the dirty coil would make your refrigerator work harder in order to achieve its desired temperature.

Thus, it is best if you practice cleaning and vacuuming your refrigerator coils every six months or so, so that you won’t have to endure higher electricity bills.

Close the windows.
Whether you need to achieve lower or higher temperature inside your house, it is best if you close your windows. This is because open windows would make your cooling or heating equipment require more energy to serve you better.

When you close the windows, your equipment will not work too hard, which means it can help you save energy.

Do not forget the timer. When you sleep at night and you are using your air-conditioning system to make your room temperature cooler, it is a good idea to make use of its timer.

The timer would ensure that your AC will be turned off in time. Aside from that, if you won’t use the timer, you may get tempted to extend its usage, especially when you don’t feel like getting out of your bed yet.

Here is What You Will Learn Inside…

Make use of solar energy.

Dry your clothes the natural way.

Unplug all unused appliances and electronic devices.

Your computer monitors.

Open up your windows during summer.

In going for a vacation.

Minimize the number of times you open the door.

Turn off your light when you go to bed.

Using water heater.

Cut off cooling areas in your house that don’t need it.

Block the summer light to save energy.

Have a technician check your electric wiring in a regular manner.

Installing an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

Air dry your dishes whenever you can.

Be mindful of your cooling system’s thermostat levels.

An alternative to using your air conditioning system.

Reduce the humidity inside your place.

Use your air-conditioning system’s timer.

Minimize the use of your shower heater.

Minimize the times your kids open up the fridge.

Purchase an air-conditioning system that can help you conserve energy.

Buy more food items to place inside your refrigerator.

Turn off your computer.

Turn off all heat sources in summer.

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