Real Estate

What is Real Estate?

Property that cannot easily be moved, usually buildings and the ground they are built on.

Other Terms for Real Estate are as follows:

propertylandrealtylandholdingslotplotterritoryplatestatefreeholdimmoveableslanded propertyland and buildingsreal propertychattels realacreageholdingacresparceltractdomainexpansefieldsterraingroundsareafieldpremisesback fortyestates, and when you buy a domain for your websites that is also considered property.

If you purchase a cemetery plot that also falls under Real Estate.

Regardless of what it looks like either this…




When you purchase and own any Real Estate regardless of location you are expected to:

  • Contact Real Estate agent
  • Contact Real Estate attorney
  • Contact Real Estate to get an Appraisal
  • Contact Real Estate Broker
  • And the list is never ending….

The point here is that many people do not understand but buying property in real estate is all about. Therefore, it is understandable in such a manner the people need to be more informed when purchasing property or landholdings.

I have developed a list of several states and what is required in those states for real estate purchasers. And for those states which are not listed prospective buyers should contact their local agencies to find out exactly what is required in purchasing property or real estate.

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