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Honor Code

There’s no honor among thieves, but there IS honor in the marketing industry.

If you’re not promoting a legitimate product or service…if you’re trying to “pull the wool over the eyes” of consumers…if you’re thinking of using this book to run a scam on the Internet…STOP NOW.

The psychological tactics described in this manual are so powerful…so mind-bending…so effective and irresistible that they can give anyone an unfair advantage in dealing with people who aren’t familiar with the “forbidden” techniques of influence.

I can’t come to your home or place of business and check up on you. All I can ask is that you “honor” a simple code of ethics: to use the Forbidden Psychological Tactics with care, applying what you learn in an ethical way to Unsuspecting consumers.

The Internet has turned the world into a very small place and what goes around comes around…and it comes around fast and usually takes a big bite out of your ass.

So, do unto others, you know what I mean?

“Forbidden Psychological Tactics? They Don’t
Work on ME!”

Every web surfer on the planet has told himself/herself this lie at one time or another. But don’t kid yourself — marketing psychology can influence anyone who is online.

Even master marketers like me, despite all I know about forbidden psychological tactics and “advertising speak”… and despite all my built-in sales resistance…I am just as susceptible to persuasion as anyone else. Because at its core:

Marketing psychology is the “power of persuasion” from the inside.

The key, of course, is deciding what persuasive tactic will grab a web surfer by the eyeballs and hold onto to him….

A Brief Pause: Note of apology to my female readers: Okay… I admit it…I’m a man (Although I imagine that my name probably gave that fact away). I think like a man. When I speak in generalizations, I tend to think (and use) the pronoun “he”… not “he/she,” and not “one.” I hope you can forgive me.

Anyway, as I was saying, the key to marketing psychology online (and off, too) is deciding the specific persuasive tactic or combination of tactics to use. Will fear be a motivator? What effect would a celebrity endorsement have? Can you satisfy greed?

Everything you do on your site should be coordinated to grab a web surfer by the eyeballs and by the emotions and hold onto to him until he cries…

Please take my money, please!

Our psychological “hot buttons for buying” guide our decisions for buying necessities as well as luxuries. For example..

.• Why do soccer moms dream of owning an all-terrain vehicle when the toughest thing they go over is a speed bump in the mall parking lot?

• Why would an office worker who’s a great cook line up with their colleagues to buy a cinnamon bun from the donut cart when she could whip up better — and cheaper — buns in her own oven?

• Why does a teenage girl need to store thousands of songs on an iPod when all she listens to are the same six Top 40 tunes?

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but

desire is the mother of all online sales success.

When you have desire working for you, it’s not a question of “selling” the consumer on your product or service, it’s simply a matter of satisfying their need.

Creating that desire is what marketing psychology is all about. With the tactics you’re learning, your online sales message will create interest and then change interest into desire…insatiable desire…unrelenting desire… “so real you can see it, feel it, taste it,” desire… You’ll create desire that easily transforms a “maybe” into a “gotta have it”…

The transformation is magical…building the desire is a little more scientific…

What’s Included

The Science of “Psy-Ops” For the Online Battlefield

Forbidden Psychological Tactic #1 “POPULAR” APPEAL

Fear of the Unknown

Don’t Let Me Go Wrong

The People Have Spoken

Forbidden Psychological Tactic #2 EXCLUSIVITY RIGHTS

You’ve Got the Power

Proof positive of the power of exclusivity.

Forbidden Psychological Tactic #3 SUPERIORITY

Superiority by Association

Superiority and Your Web Site

Forbidden Psychological Tactic #4 STORYTELLING AND TRUTHTELLING

Sincerity is the Name of the Game

And Much More…’

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