IM Business Models How to Get Started Drop Shipping

IM Business Models How to Get Started Drop Shipping

The only downside of drop shipping as a business model is that it can be difficult at times to find willing wholesalers who will play along. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”) This means you may need to do some extensive searching to find a company that supplies what it is you are hoping to sell and that will offer the drop shipping service.

Fortunately, there are some tools you can use to find drop shipping wholesalers more easily. (“How to Get Started Drop Shipping on Ebay”) One is Alibaba ( which lets you easily search through a directory of products and then find the contact details for the seller.

Another is Worldwide Brands (, though that directory requires paid membership (oh look, an example of a membership site!). (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”)

Another final option is to target the manufacturers themselves. If you find a product you really like, then just look up who made it and find their contact details. (“IM Business Model: Drop Shipping”) It never hurts to try!

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