Advanced WordPress Tips

Advanced WordPress Tips

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One of the most annoying parts of dealing with WordPress can be the issues that the Visual Editor cause. One of these issues is that it often strips out line breaks. If you hit enter a couple extra times, that won’t help once you publish the post. Even if you take it a step further and actually add <br>’s via the HTML editor, they will still get stripped out.

If you do a Google search on this issue, many people will recommend turning off the visual editor and just using the  HTML version of the WordPress editor. Well that is great if you are comfortable with HTML, but what about those of us who aren’t? Turning off the visual editor for myself isn’t an option. It is an even worse solution if you are developing WordPress sites for other people. Luckily there is an easy solution using some inline css. If you want to add some extra white space then instead of using <br> use the following code:

∠p style=”text-align: center:”>∠/p>

Just use this code wherever you want to add a white line of space. Make sure there is nothing between the sets of brackets and that you add it in the HTML editor.


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