Slipstream Marketing

Slipstream Marketing

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What is a Slipstream?

“The slipstream of a moving object is a region of reduced pressure or even suction (negative pressure), exerted in the neighborhood of the object and in the direction of its movement, and caused by its movement through a medium.

The term “slipstreaming” is most often used in relation to objects moving through air, though not necessarily flying. If a following object, moving at the same speed, can position itself within the slipstream, it will require less energy to maintain its
speed than if it was moving independently, because the front object blocks a significant amount of air resistance. Using this principle is called slipstreaming.”

(The above is from the Wikipedia Page on Slipstream & Slipstreaming)

You’ve probably heard that while driving on the highway, if you position your vehicle behind another larger vehicle, your vehicle requires less energy to stay it in motion, therefore you burn less fuel.

If you watch car racing, like the Brickyard 400 or Indy 500, you’ll notice how most of the cars follow immediately behind another car because there’s less wind resistance in those positions.

The lead car “breaks a path” through the air for the ones behind. They burn less fuel and in some cases are actually “sucked along” because there’s less air pressure.

It’s simple physics that can be applied to a lot of different situations. And when applied as a marketing tactic it can be extremely beneficial for both the “lead vehicle” and the ones in the slipstream.

Let’s look at an example of Slipstream Marketing in action.

Back in late 2004 I published and released an e-book called RSS Exposed. It was the first e-book ever written on how the use of RSS technology and blogging could be used in a marketing environment.

At the time, RSS and blogging was still virtually unheard of in Internet Marketing circles. People didn’t understand the technology behind it, or the implications of utilizing it as part of their marketing efforts.

At first, the curiosity seekers purchased this new book. Then, once the lightbulb went off in their heads after gaining an understanding from the book, people started posting about it on blogs and forums and sales ballooned almost overnight.

Within weeks, several other books, reports and courses on RSS popped up on the net and did very well in the wake of RSS Exposed. Many were copy Catters with nothing really innovative in them, but many made some incredible improvements which in and of themselves set the stage for producing their own
Slipstream products. And we’re still seeing the ripple effect of the RSS Exposed phenomenon to this day.

That book isn’t being offered any more. Updating it and trying to improve on or create something different and marketable after all that commotion and widespread innovation would be nearly impossible at this point, so I let the project die off.

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