E-Book Profits


Sep 25, 2023

E-Book Profits

E-Book ProfitsWriting Your Info Product

You have a strong idea as to what your eBook should be about.

You’ve surveyed your market, evaluated the competition and settled down on a hot topic that is bound to be a winner.

But, you have yet to start writing.

Believe it or not, the dreaded blank page is the hardest obstacle to get through when creating your own info product.

Whether you are an experienced writer, or brand new at it, channeling your thoughts and ideas onto that first page is often the most frustrating step in your journey towards creating a killer product.

But there’s a simple method that will eliminate your sudden writers block and make it not only easier, but also faster to write your ebook.

Creating an organized structure for your book.

It’s very difficult to sit down at the computer and just start writing your book without having a visible ‘mind map’ in place that will help guide you from start to finish.

It’s comparable to fumbling around in a maze, only to have to turn back each time you hit a dead end, re-tracing your steps so you can finally get to the exit.

Writing an ebook requires structure.

If you fail to do this, you will end up spending a lot of valuable time revising, re-organizing and even re-writing major parts of your eBook, trying to “fit it all in”, or improving the overall flow of the material.

You want to give your readers an enjoyable experience, and regardless of what market you are involved in, you also want to encourage them to purchase other info products that you release in the future.

You want them to find value in your product, to feel as though it has directly helped or influenced them in some way.

You want to satisfy their thirst for knowledge, to use your book as a method of building a connection between you and your reader, who is subsequently, your customer base.

So, how can you create a winning product that will appeal to the masses, while making sure the process is as fast and easy as possible?

You need to start by creating a system that will help you stay focused and on track.

Best of all, once you have gotten used to using a system when creating your info product, you will find that it gets much easier to create high quality products in less time.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a winning product in half the time.

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Quick & Easy Research Process

Step 1: Consider What Your Audience Wants

Step 2: Slim It Down

Step 3: Create Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Why Freelancers Fail

Chapter 2: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Chapter 3: Profitable Online Opportunities

Chapter 4: 10 Things Every Freelancer Needs To Know

Chapter 5: Building Your Customer Base

Chapter 6: How to Get More Done in Less Time

Formatting Your Ebook

Smart writers format as they write.

Chapter Start: Benefits Of Reading The Chapter

Chapter Middle: Direct Answers, Solutions or Help

Chapter Ending: Laying out the next chapter, carrying your reader through.

Developing Surefire Winners

Turbo Info Products Part 2

Private Label Content

PLR Swipe Process

Change The Product Title

Change The Table Of Contents

And Much More

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Now, you have everything you need to start developing your  very first best selling information product! Take action, follow the strategies in this book and leave your mark on the digital marketplace!

To your success!

Regards, Coyalita

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