Timeless Sales Strategies Is It Cold in Here?

Timeless Sales Strategies Is It Cold in Here?

Timeless Sales Strategies Is It Cold in Here? Have you heard of the word – ‘cold calling’? Have you ever wondered why people coined the term ‘cold calling’? Because you will most probably receive a ‘chilly’ response on the other side!

Let’s be totally honest with ourselves here. You don’t like to receive a call from a stranger (unless you are extraordinarily friendly or if they inform you that you’ve just won the lottery). Nobody likes to receive a call from a stranger – especially one who is trying to sell you something.

You can be sure, it isn’t always about the numbers.

Cold calling is one of the most ineffective ways to ‘market’ a product – by intruding into the privacy of a prospect that isn’t too keen on receiving your call. You will also need to overcome tremendous resistance and have nerves of steel (to withstand the rejection). It does nothing to educate the customer about your product and you won’t get very far with your sales force.

In the 21st century, the seller doesn’t go to the buyer – the buyer finds the seller and the ball SHOULD be on the seller’s court. If the buyer is the dictator, they will look down on
the seller and it becomes very difficult to communicate the benefits of the product because they don’t have an open mind!

People prefer to seek out their own merchants. All they need to do is switch on Google and type a few words into that little box.

They don’t need a salesman to call them up during their dinnertime to tell them how their latest lawnmower will change their life!

Regards, Coyalita

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