2016 A Futuristic Look into Businesses Use Of Chat Bots Review

Chat Bots and robotics always have been of great interest and more so today than ever before in the world of business they are used for hundreds of different purposes.

Even before the first robotics were built and became knowledge to the public there was a fear of them because people did not understand what robots were capable of. Perhaps, that was from watching too many sci-fi movies. Along with the fact that people have the tendency to become fearful when they do not know the actual story behind them.

Now years ago, the first robotics were built by the younger generation in forms of little cars and often shown off at conventions, or county fairs within their townships.

However, since then the need for robotics in businesses whether online or offline have become perpetual do to what they can do and to help businesses grow and become more profitable. 

I recently read an article written on April 20th, 2016 by a young man Matt Schlicht who wrote an article concerning chat bots in the future and how they would be used within businesses.

I was absolutely amazed at this man’s forecasts who are the future especially since this is 2021 and this young man’s forecast were astounding.

So, let me share them with you at this time.

  1. Every Business Is Going to Have a Bot.

Facebook Messenger for example is used by over 1 billion people every month and it is growing faster than Facebook. If messaging apps become the #1-way people communicate, then every business is going to need a way to engage on these platforms.

There are two ways businesses can talk to people on messaging apps.

  1. The business sets up something similar to a call center where real people are chatting online all day long. This is not cost effective and 99% of businesses can never do this.

The business uses a computer to talk to everyone. The computer can respond instantly, can communicate with any number of people simultaneously, and it is incredibly cost effective. These computers are called bots.

If messaging apps become the #1-way people communicate, and every business needs a strategy to engage with people on messaging apps, and bots are the only scalable way to do this, then every business will eventually have a bot.

  1. Bots Will Be Faster Than Websites and Mobile Apps. Bots do not understand everything you are saying, they cannot teach themselves, and to be honest right now bots are more like lightweight apps than artificially intelligent personalities.

But one day we will get there.

  1. Imagine a world where the experience of talking to a business via a bot is at least just as good as using its website or mobile app.I believe that in this situation people will choose to talk to the bot rather than go to the website or use the mobile app.

Here is why I think people will choose to talk to the bot:

It can take seconds, or even up to a minute, to load a website. Bots load instantly. As long as two products are comparable in value, people will always use the one that loads fastest. In this case, which would be the bot.

Mobile apps need to be downloaded. They take up valuable real estate on your phone and they take time to download. Bots do not need to be downloaded. You just send them a message and you are using it.

“Matt, do you really think everyone will use bots just because they load fast, and you don’t have to download them?”

No, there is another reason, and it is the most important one. Ready?

  1. Bots Will Be Easier to Use Than Any Other Technology Ever Created.
  2. Every website and mobile app are designed with a visual interface. buttons, text, images, and so on.
  3. And guess what? Not every website and mobile app are designed the same. This means that you constantly must learn new visual interfaces to use your favorite products
  4. Now, take a second to think about “language” as if it was a different type of interface. Language as an interface is something everyone is taught the moment we are born. Our parents, and others, teach us how to talk, and that is how we learn to interact with the world around us.
  5. Language is the most natural interface humans understand, and that is the interface that bots use. Instead of needing to constantly learn visual interfaces, bots will enable us to naturally use language, the first interface we were taught.
  6. In the future, 5 or 10 years from now, bots will be able to understand you completely. Not like Siri, or anything else you have ever used, I mean they will completely understand what you are saying. Not like a person, but infinitely better.
  7. If you were going to plan a trip today, you would go to a travel website. You would browse, find hotels, figure out which ones are in the right area, where the restaurants are, etc. You would have to mentally keep track of everything while figuring out what you want to do.
  8. Now imagine that instead of scrolling through the website yourself, you could actually talk to the travel website via a bot, and it would understand everything you say perfectly. This is going to be one of the biggest shifts in how people interact with computers.
  9. In the future, talking to a bot will be like talking to a real person who has instant access to entire databases of information and can process your thoughts and desires instantly.
  10. This is where the world is going.

Therefore, it is highly likely that bots will completely kill websites and mobile apps.

To summarize, this is what needs to happen for bots to kill websites and mobile apps:

  1. Every business needs to get a bot. This will likely happen because bots are the only scalable way for businesses to communicate with people on message apps.
  2. Bots need to provide as much value, in their own way, as a website or a mobile app.
  3. Machine learning and natural language processing, also referred to as artificial intelligence, need to get good enough so that talking to a bot is more powerful than talking to a human.

A future where bots kill websites and mobile apps is not certain, but it is highly likely. Because of that, I am excited to announce that I have started Octane AI, where we are doing everything we can to make this future a reality.

The first step towards a future where bots replace websites and mobile apps is to help the 100,000,000+ businesses around the world setup their bots.

Matt goes on to say: “I continue to be inspired by the tens of thousands of amazing bot makers in the bot’s community. I encourage everyone working on bots to keep pushing the boundaries and do not be scared to fail. These are the early days, and it is up to all of us to lead the way.

Let us create a future where bots raise humanity to an entirely new level of productivity, effectiveness, and creativity.”

Source: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots (2016) by Matt Schlicht

Now Matt’s reality has happened in both chat bots and other robotics within our lives today which have made a significant impact on businesses and within our society today. and most assuredly will continue to do so because even at this date in time the use of robotics and chat bots are an ever-expanding source that adds to our growing businesses and lifestyles.

Over the next few days, I will continue to update you on other factors concerning chat box and how they affect our business is in our society today so keep a lookout for my next post.

See you then…

Best WISHES, Coyalita

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