Mega Launch Blueprint the Essential Formula

Mega Launch Blueprint the Essential Formula

The Essential Formula

Your sales letter is so important – it does the bulk of the selling for you. A well-written and professionally produced sales letter truly is a vital aspect in your overall launch.

Below, you will find the formula for creating an amazing, irresistible Sales Letter. If you can effectively execute this formula, you will have a sales letter that is ready to go and create profit.

Know The Angle of Your Story

When you start your sales letter, you need to come from a specific angle. Is this a real [1] life extremely poor to extraordinarily rich tale? Is this a fictional or hypothetical story of what can happen to your prospects?

If your sales letter is a story, what you want to do is always end on a happy note, whereby the main character succeeds. A positive outcome is likely to put your prospects in a better mood and will motivate them to make a purchase. You should also include a cliffhanger in your story. Psychologically, humans crave closure. If you leave them with a cliffhanger or open loop, in terms of your sales letter, they will seek closure by continuing to read or listen to you.

The Who, What, When, why, How

When it comes to writing your sales copy or creating your video sales letter, you need to give them valuable information about your product. Ideally, you should explain:

– who you are

– what you can do for your customers

– why they should purchase your product

– how they can follow up with you – when they can expect results

Those are the essentials. Before you start working on anything else, make sure you get these points in your sales letter.

Bold Headline

An especially essential element that influences the effectiveness of a Sales Letter is the headline. At the end of the day, headlines determine whether the visitor will stay on your page and continue reading or move on to something else. You only have a noticeably brief period to engage a visitor that lands on your website. Make sure that your headline addresses their problem and offers a solution to it. It must make a bold statement that entices your visitor to find out more.

Solving Problems

Be sure that your sales letter offers a solution to your prospects’ challenges and problems. Reveal to them why most people have failed to get passed these obstacles. Then, you want to offer them a solution – let them know that you have experienced and overcome these challenges yourself and reassure them that they can do it too!

Features and Benefits

While it is important for you to promote your product and its features, you need to have accompanying benefits to help balance it out.

Features are what your product can do. Benefits are what said features can do for your customer. In your sales letter, both should be 50-50. Remember – the sales page is meant to create interest in your visitors, and you can only do that with a balance of information and persuasion.

Selling the dream

In your sales letter, you also want to focus on selling the dream. What you need to do is show your prospects how this product will not only solve their immediate problems, but also increase their happiness and improve on their quality of life. You need to get them enthusiastic and enthusiastic about their own lives before they can be enthusiastic and enthusiastic about what you are selling.

Put emphasis on bonus offers

When you create a product, you will also be creating a sales funnel. In this sales funnel, you will have upgrades and bonuses – like extension packs. Be sure to emphasize these bonuses as these will be where the bulk of your profits will come from. Assure them that there is more to your offer than just a one-off product.

Add Visual Elements

Photos and visuals of your product are important when it comes to getting people to click on the buy button so make sure your graphics are clean and professional. At the same time though, you want to keep in mind not to flood your sales letter with too many images – they should complement, not overpower.

Build Credibility with Testimonials & Endorsements

You need testimonials! Without testimonials, you are just a person on the internet. With them, you build your credibility and establish yourself as someone who can be trusted and can create success stories.

If you have big name joint venture partners, get them to write in as well to endorse your product. People need a reason to take your word and testimonials and endorsements will bring them one step closer to believing in you.

Include a Call to Action

You have just set up an exceptional story with convincing points and have gotten your visitors interested. Now it is time for the final pull – assert a call to action. Guide them towards the action they need to take to get started with your product. Do not let them wonder whether they should click on the Buy button – tell them to do it.

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