Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for Profit

Free Blogging for ProfitCreating the Blog We will be using the free service Blogger. Go to and open an account. I will not go into a lengthy explanation on how to use Blogger. They have an excellent tutorial at

You can play around with it yourself until you are comfortable with it. Once your account is open, create a new blog using your chosen key phrase as you Blogger sub-domain, so if we used car insurance as an example, and “new your car insurance was our best ratio it would be: or

Select a template to use. I like to use the “Minima” layout. If you want to use my pre-made template, you can download it HERE.

Only use this if you already have an AdSense account. Just change the publisher ID to your own, and change the links to be for the ones you want to use for your Clickbank affiliates. If you don’t have an AdSense account yet, just use a standard template for now.

Set the Blog title to be exactly the same as your key phrase. In our example case, that would be “New York Car Insurance”. Create a description that contains your key phrase in it at least once.

Make your first post to your blog using the content you modified above. If you don’t have an AdSense account, apply for one now at . Apply using the url to your new Blog.

Once approved, you can download the template above and modify it as indicated. If you want to use your own method, make sure you paste your AdSense into places where viewers are likely to click, and make sure you blend them in by setting the background color to be the same as the background color of your blog template.

Go to, and and create accounts.

Find affiliate programs for high-quality products in your niche. Create affiliate links for these products and insert them into your sidebar on the template where it says “Links”.

Periodically, post a full update with an advertisement that explains the benefits of a particular product.

Post another piece of private label content every two days. Search forums with related content – quote and link to pertinent information about your niche.

Insert links to other blogs, related news, etc. at the bottom of each post using your key phrase somewhere in the anchor text of the link.

Regards, Coyalita

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