The Five Keys to Forum Success

The Five Keys to Forum Success

The Five Keys to Forum Success I would like to conclude this series by reviewing what I consider to be the most important points, the five keys to forum success.

1) Take The Time to Be Invested in the Forum: This is not something you can just pop in, throw up a few posts, and expect to get momentous results. It takes time and investment to establish yourself. It is worth it though!

2) Establish Yourself as An Expert: Do not just make a lot of “fluff” posts, but offer substance and value. This will help position yourself as an expert, and believe me, when you sell something, people will be much more open to listening.

3) Do not Push Too Hard: There is no need to overdo it! Being subtle is key here folks. Hard sells are not welcome in forums and are a way to get a negative reputation. Put the value out there and slip in your sales pitch. The key here is for people to trust you, so they are looking for your stuff, rather than being force-fed.

4) Form Relationships: Forming relationships with people is important. It leads to people trusting you, it can even lead to some exciting opportunities. Take the time!

5) Study What Works and Expand: No matter how hard you try, not everything you do will be successful. The KEY is to study what you are doing and expanding upon what works and cutting your losses and moving on when something does not work.

To hear me elaborate more about these points, please view video #20.


Forum marketing is a fantastic way to establish yourself in the online world and gain some sales in the process. It can be challenging starting out, but once you establish yourself, before you know it you will have forged a reputation online.

You now have the tools to succeed, you just need to get out there and take action.

I want to encourage you to get out there and start experimenting with this today. You will not regret it!

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