37 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn

37 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn

Hacks for LinkedIn Social Selling Newbies and Experts Alike.

37 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn – Social selling and LinkedIn go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly, Tom Brady and Super Bowl rings, or Kenan and Kel.

But in order to get the magic happening, you need to know how to use LinkedIn to sell. And while there are tons of how-to guides and blog posts online, few of them expose the true tips, hacks, and secrets to being a social selling master.

In this e-book are top tips for using social selling on LinkedIn. Whether you’re a LinkedIn selling expert, newbie, or somewhere in between, you should walk away with some new knowledge on how to engage, interact with, and sign new prospects with the help of LinkedIn after reading this eBook.

Tips for Beginners

New to LinkedIn social selling, or to LinkedIn in general? Here are some tips to get you started with using the platform and incorporating it into your selling strategy.

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Leads who see your profile on LinkedIn should be impressed with what you’ve put on there, and thus, you should convey your understanding of this social networking platform with an optimized profile. At the very least, ensure your profile has the following:

• An up-to-date, professional profile picture with clear resolution.

• A 1-2 paragraph summary explaining how you and your company help clients.


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