Digg Tactics


Aug 11, 2023

Digg Tactics

1. Sign up for an account, and plan to participate daily. A wishy-washy attitude will not work well with fellow Diggers.

2. Be sure you understand how Digg works before you begin actively participating.

3. Pay attention to user comments, and be prepared to respond as well as become an active part of the conversation.

4. Get a feel for how and why certain stories become popular. This will give you a better understanding of Digg, and also give you insight into how to make your stories and postings more popular as well.

5. Try to accumulate as many friends as you can. Much like Twitter, you want as many contacts and outreaches as you can garner so you can affect more people that way.

6. Start a buddy list. This list is designed to give you a one-on-one ability within Digg. It allows IM use, but be careful and try to not use this feature too much or you’ll turn people off.

7. Build your profile up to make it look as thorough and professional as possible. Just like any other website or service, this is the home base where people will be looking to find out who you are and what you’re about. Make it as good as you possibly can.

8. Look for the power users of the site, and then be friends with them. This is a huge help to you because others will see that you’re associated with them, and it will help you get much more exposure in the long run.

9. Only submit content that is worth something. Don’t bombard the site or your page with worthless links and silly stories. Make sure they are interesting and relevant.

10. Send out shouts. On Digg, people can send out shouts to each other. This is the single best way to get noticed and to get some feedback, so send shouts often.

Here’s Your Bucket List

11. Keywords are very important.

12. Aim to become a top user.

13. Do your homework

14. Learn the language and how people express themselves.

15. Only keep friends who provide feedback

16. Try to dedicate yourself to taking time each and every day to focus on content

17. Keep up on what the Digg users like and hate.

18. Overall, there are more male than female users on Digg.

19. Relevant content is important, and currently topics like the environment…

20. Do not vote thumbs up on too many of your own articles.

21. Make your title WOW viewers and visitors.

22. Descriptions are also important

23. Use real numbers instead of written numbers.

24. Try not to just comment on stories.

25. Avoid spamming people with keywords.

26. Do not use any non-English websites or content.

27. Subscribe to the RSS feed offered by Digg

28. Check the upcoming stories

29. Write about Digg.

30. Discuss the latest technology

31. Participate in the Digg Town Halls.

32. Be sure your content is a must see.

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