Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche Profits

Step-By-Step Niche ProfitsSetting Up Your Virtual Real Estate This is where everything starts to be fun. At least for me anyway.  When I get to this point, I know that I am getting close to being able to get some traffic and make some money.

Since Bum Marketing is the strategy that I use and because I am a technological moron, I choose to set up and use all free sites. There are plenty of them out there and they are both easy to get going and easy to update.

These are the sites that I use:

Now, if you are more technically inclined you can substitute Squidoo for your own site on your own hosting, or even better still set up your lens with Squidoo and use it for a little more linking power.

The first site that I set up is my Squidoo lens. This is because it is going to be my main landing page and also because I have found that for some reason it just ranks better in the search engines.

Setting up a site at squidoo is easy, it will walk you through the whole process and you should be done in a matter of a couple of minutes.

One thing to keep in mind though is you will want to title your Squidoo lens something that has to do with your keyword.

So, if we stick with the “relationship problem advice” example then ultimately, relationship problem advice would be our first choice, but if it is not available you can try to put the word “review” at the end of it or even a word like “good” in front of it.

So, it might look something like this:


Those are just examples; it is important to have a keyword rich title. This makes it more attractive to not only the search engines, but also to people that might run across your URL in the search engines. It makes it look relevant to what they are looking for and that is what we want.

Make sure that when you set your page up at Squidoo that you include the bells and whistles.

What I mean by this is, include a YouTube video, don’t worry you don’t have to make it, just select the option to let YouTube select it. You will also want to use the guestbook, flickr, and Amazon feeds.

All of these things will make your Lens look more alive and will help it rank better in the search engines.

Make sure that in the “about me” section, you do your best to make it interesting and to put yourself out there as someone who is generally interested and well versed in the niche you are in. The more you look like an “expert” the more likely it will be that people that visit your page will buy something.

Now, you are going to need the articles that you wrote earlier. What we are going to do is take one of the longer UNIQUE articles that you have written and put it in the first text module. Make sure that the spelling is correct and everything looks up to par.

Right above where the text starts, put a nice attractive link that the visitor is able to click out to get to the vendor’s page. If they just want to buy, we want to make it as easy as possible for them to do just that.

In the second text module, you want to come up with either reviews of several products that are in the niche or simply come up with a feature and benefit module on the one product that you are promoting. Make sure that there are several links in this module that allow the visitor to make a purchase.

Just to make sure that I’m not taking anything for granted, you can make your anchor text in the following format:

<a href=”http://link you want them to go to/” target=”_top”>Anchor Text You Want To Use ∠/a>

Simply replace “link you want them to go to” with your hop link or site that you want your visitor to go and replace “Anchor Text You Want To Use” with just what it says, the anchor text you want to use.

When it comes to anchor text, I have always found it better to use positive words. For example, some good anchor text in the niche we have been talking about, the relationship niche might be or all you have to do is or <FIX YOUR RELATIONSHIP> or <FOR A BETTER RELATIONSHIP> all you have to do is <CLICK HERE>

Your anchor text is definitely something that you will want to test. Some niches respond to different words better than others.

As of right now, you should have your Squidoo Lens set up and ready to go. Make sure to copy the URL of your Lens because you are going to need it for the other sites that we are going to set up.

The last thing you are going to want to do is head over to and ping your lens to let the search engines know that your site is up and ready for visitors.

Try to make it a habit to do the same every time that you add content, to let the search engines know that you have made an update.

When it comes to the sites that you are going to set up at blogger, hubpages, and WordPress it really does not matter in what order you set these up.

There are no special modules or anything at all complex whatsoever about setting these up. As a matter of a fact, if any of them takes you more than 10 minutes I would be very surprised.

The one thing that you are going to want to do with each one as you set them up is to link them back to your Squidoo lens. You are going to do this by using anchor text, which we just went over, but this time make sure that the actual anchor text is the main keyword that you are targeting.

By doing this you are going to give yourself some initial backlinks for the search engines to see. This is very important so, don’t skip it.

With each one that you set up you are going to add one of the longer unique articles to it and send a ping to to again let the search engines know that you are there and ready for visitors.

Keep in mind that you will want to name these sites similar to the same way you did your Squidoo Lens. If the same name is available take it, if it is not just make sure that it is “keyword rich” and similar to the keywords that you are going to be targeting.

Checklist time! As of right now as far as your virtual real estate goes, you should have the following set up with initial content and have already pinged them.

1. WordPress Blog
2. Blogger Blog
3. Hub at HubPages
4. Squidoo Lens

Make sure that you copy down the URL to all of your sites and put them in a notepad file somewhere for easy reference. This will help you later.


Regards, Coyalita

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