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YouTube Authority: Interviews, Webinars, Events, Presentations, and Tutorials

YouTube Authority: Interviews, Webinars, Events, Presentations, and Tutorials – One of the best ways to become a thought leader in your industry is by interviewing other thought leaders. Video interviews are a great way to insert some authority into your library of engaging and humorous offerings.

They can also help to build relationships with potential referral partners, which can’t hurt. Video interviews can be an easy way to produce content quickly and gain a positive brand association by interviewing well-known guests.


One of the most valuable offerings you can give your viewers is webinars. Webinars are high-value and low-cost endeavors that require no scripts or actors. You can host Q&A sessions with clients, product demos with participating customers, or roundtable interviews with thought leaders in your industry.

Webinars are also great pieces of content that you can promote through paid traffic. They can be incredibly useful gateways to your other content, where you can drive leads to a consultation call or sell them another product through an email series.


An event video is a step up from a webinar and covers the proceedings of a corporate event, in a polished and highly shareable manner. Traditionally, event videos take a lot more time to produce than other kinds of videos, but with the popularity of 15- second Instagram’s and Facebook videos, more companies are beginning to capture snippets of their events in a montage form.

Event videos bring the excitement of the event to viewers who couldn’t make it to the party. A great event video will increase your online presence.


A presentation video takes the excitement of an event and combines it with the usefulness of a webinar. They can create a compelling and shareable narrative that will help you stand out from the crowd.

One way you can use the excitement of presentations to your advantage is by providing a targeted presentation at a company event or at smaller-scale networking events.


Providing your audience with helpful content has to reach further than simple promotional tie-ins and soft selling because your target audience is smart enough to know when they are being sold, and it is never something that they like.

Consider providing video tutorials that focus on helping your audience. For example, if you are a tech company, you might want to consider focusing on creating product tutorials, or if you are a health and wellness video, you could produce training videos that offer viewers helpful workout tips. You have to think of a way that you can provide an actionable resource that is relevant to your target vertical.

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