Mega Launch Blueprint Earnings Per Click (EPC)

Mega Launch Blueprint Earnings Per Click (EPC)

Earnings Per Click (EPC)

In the beginning of this chapter, I have mentioned that sales funnels are the secret technique that all the other Internet marketers use to increase their Earnings Per Click, or in short EPC. I will elaborate and explain about EPC and will introduce the formula to calculate it, too.

EPC is the average earnings of each click that your affiliates and/or you send to your website. It involves your conversion rate so if your EPC on average is $2 and above, you are doing good.

EPCs Formula How do you calculate your EPC? The formula of EPC is:

I want you to picture this scenario: Let us say you can direct hundred clicks to your website regardless from your own traffic or your affiliates. And from these one hundred clicks, two of them made purchase of a product worth $50. So, the formula will be:

Fifty times two, which is your sales, the money you have made. And then sales are divided by the number of clicks. What you make from sales here is $100 divided by the number of clicks, which are one hundred clicks.

Your EPC, in this case, would be $1.

For the bigger picture of EPC, let us go through it with another example. If you direct three hundred clicks to the website, and eight of them make purchase of a $100 product, your sales would be $800.

So, put all the elements into the formula:

After dividing, you will get $2.67. That amount is the EPC. Not so hard. If you remember the formula, put every element in to the formula, you can do the math too.

In a nutshell…

The implementation of a sales funnel into your launch increases the chance of boosting your sales. When your sales are high, it directly increases the EPC of your launch.

In conclusion, a higher product’s EPC reflects higher sales in your launch. It is more likely to get a higher rank in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a higher EPC because it reflects that the traffic to your website is high, too.

Even though it sounds like a great idea to make as many sales as possible by directing more traffic to your website, it is not wise to send traffic randomly.

You need to know who the product’s target market is and who is in the niche. Sending in random traffic, indeed, can increase the conversion rate, but it will not increase the sales.

This is the basic rule of marketing that applies in all businesses. Remember, all traffic must be targeted traffic.

Mega Launch Blueprint

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