IM Business Models Chapter 5: eBay

IM Business Models Chapter 5: eBay

So far, we have looked mostly at business models that are quite unique to the web. We have been looking primarily at selling digital products or making affiliate sales – all things that revolve around information and content and do not involve any good, old-fashioned real products. (“eBay Business”)

Well that all changes with eBay, which is a fantastic tool for making money and which presents a ton of different options. If you are looking for a more traditional way to make money by selling products, then eBay is the perfect choice.

Selling Things, you have Made

You can combine one of the business models we have already seen here. If you want to, there is nothing to stop you from listing your digital product on eBay and selling it that way.

Likewise, though, you can also sell physical things you have made and if you have any skills in DIY, arts or crafts or anything else, then you can make money selling those items on eBay. Enjoy making jewelry in your spare time? Good at painting beautiful scenery? Then why not just list your items on eBay with a smart keyword and start making money from your hobby? With time you can set up your own online store and eCommerce option, but eBay is a fantastic way to get this business moving and to find new customers.

(Another option here is to use Etsy ( which is effectively a version of eBay focused on homemade products.)

And you do not even need to be particularly great at crafts to make money selling items on eBay that you made. I once bought a poster that was supposed to look like stars glowing in the dark when the lights were off. What I received was clearly a large A3 piece of paper that someone had dotted with a glow pen. (“eBay Business”) I was annoyed (it cost $15!) and I am not suggesting you trick your customers, but the point is that there are smart ways to create value using everyday items. (“eBay Business”)

To Your Success, Coyalita

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