Mega Launch Blueprint JV Page for Affiliates

Mega Launch Blueprint JV Page for Affiliates

Once the affiliates have agreed to join your affiliate program, the next thing you need is a JV page for the affiliates. This is where the affiliates go to register their affiliation with you.

In this page, you should provide an opt-in box to collect their name, email, and marketplace IC such as from JVZoo or ClickBank. This is to ensure they have applied to your affiliate program.

They will need to opt-in to get their affiliate link from you. And your job as the vendor is to approve their request to be your affiliate. However, if you already have some trusted JVs, you can put them under the auto-approve list.

For your information, when you are in the Internet business long enough, you may be getting affiliate requests every now and then. You get to choose the status for that affiliate, which are deny, delayed, instant and auto-approve.

A small guide for you in choosing the status for your affiliate:

  • 0-50: Delayed
  • 50 and above: Instant

Like I said, the auto-approve applies to the trusted JVs. Denies seldom happen, unless there is special case where you already know that affiliate request is a scam.

In this page also, you must provide the promotional tools for the JVs. This is necessary, as the JVs would need some tools to promote your product.

Such as graphics, swipe emails, and so on. Here, you can include any other promotional tool that you think is fitting like a video, for example. It is best that you provide them sufficiently.

Mega Launch Blueprint

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