Mega Launch Blueprint Joint Venture Building Game

Mega Launch Blueprint Joint Venture Building Game

A Joint Venture (JV) is a terrific way to promote and sell your product. Its reach can go viral, and messages can get across conveniently, because with the help of Joint Ventures, you reach the people who you initially could not reach.

When you are launching your product, it is fine to have a smaller list to start with. However, once you have successfully launched a few products, you would want to grow your business.

A Joint Venture is the most effective way to do this. With Joint Ventures, you can make great impressions in the market and grow your list easily. JVs are the affiliates that help a product vendor, which is you in this case, to promote the launch.

In return of the favor of the affiliates promoting the launch, the vendor will pay the affiliates in terms of commission.

You may be wondering what exactly the differences between JVs and affiliates are. They are the same, but JVs usually have a closer relationship with you. That is the only difference between a JV and affiliate.

After some time of networking in the Internet business, you usually will have a closer relationship with the affiliates that help you to promote your launch. Especially for those who always collaborate with you.

There may be a chance for you to launch a product together with your affiliates. After some time of knowing each other, you will not call them just an affiliate anymore. They become your Joint Venture partners.

With the help of the JVs, you can easily boost the sales in your launch. Because a JV’s commission is based on their results, they work hard to earn their pay. This ensures a wider reach. Really, it is a fantastic way to expand your Internet business.

Like I said, you will get instant result with JVs. How? Well, say if you have 10 JV partners, with thousands of subscribers in each of their list. It makes up tens of thousands of subscribers collectively.

Once you give them the promotional tools, your offer will be mailed out to that number of subscribers in their list! Isn’t this amazing? You get to reach out to the people that you initially could not. The best part is that you will contact them soon, too.

This works especially if you work with JVs who have a mammoth of subscribers list. They can bring in massive traffic to your website in no time.

Speaking of JVs with massive lists, this is also a plus for you. JVs with massive list are often credible and trusted, which is why they have that much reach. While their subscribers already know that your JVs can be trusted, they will know that you are a trusted source as well!

The request for them to opt-in to your mailing list would be easier. Meaning, you get to add more e-mail addresses to your own list as well.

The advantages of getting JVs into your launch will not stop here. When you are getting them to your launch, unbelievably, it will not cost you a single cent – the expense is $0.

You do not have a take out any money to form a joint venture with them. As mentioned, your payment for them will be the commission, which means, you are paying them based off their performance.

When a front-end product is sold, 100% of the money will go to them. You do not really need to worry about the risks because you are not taking any risk at all.

If you have convinced an influential affiliate to be part of your launch, your promotion has the potential to reach to a massive group of people. Hence, you will have the chance of converting an extremely high number of sales.

This is possible with only one affiliate. Think about what if you have approached ten others of this caliber? Do not be afraid to ask for joint venture. You do not have to pay for their service.

Regards Coyalita

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