LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn for BusinessTeamwork

A business has a LinkedIn profile of its own. You have a personal profile, so do your employees and any contractors.

LinkedIn allows you to draw these resources together by linking colleagues together, by making them feel part of a group or a team, so they can bounce ideas off one another via the network.

It also allows them to identify with the company they work with. Another advantage is that LinkedIn allows you to produce adverts to place on your employee’s profile pages.

Your in-team network has another advantage. By linking together your workers and networking them through your brand, you can scout their friends and contacts.

This means you can find out which of your employee’s friends are suitable for your company. This is worked through LinkedIn’s referral engine system.

LinkedIn also offers a pipeline system that helps organize your and your employee’s workflow and project folders. You can set up reminders, synchronize team activities and more.

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