Getting Started with TikTok Ads

What Marketers Need to Know

Getting Started with TikTok Ads – Want to do more business on TikTok? Wondering how to use it to sell more products or get more leads?

In this article, you’ll learn how to use TikTok collection ads, dynamic showcase ads, and lead generation ads to boost your marketing and sales goals.

#1: Set Up Your TikTok Product Catalog as Soon as Possible

If you have a product-based business, getting a TikTok product catalog up and running will be a game-changer. This feature allows you to store information about the products you’re planning to promote through your TikTok marketing. In short, it’s going to make creating ads much more efficient.

Note: The Product Catalog feature is currently available only to managed accounts in certain markets and isn’t readily accessible to everyone upon joining TikTok for Business.

If you have access, you’ll be able to use your catalog to:

Provide important product information: This includes
product names, descriptions, prices, images, and anything else
you feel is important for customers to know about your

Manage your products: TikTok allows businesses to create product sets and automated rules to provide custom information regarding products.

Create custom videos: Once you’ve added products to the
catalog, you can use TikTok’s video template or the dynamic
video generator to create engaging videos to be used in your

With a catalog in place, you’ll be able to create TikTok collection ads and dynamic showcase ads, which allow you to feature specific products you’ve added to the catalog.

The benefit is that the ad will display up-to-date information about the product including things like pricing, availability, and sizes.

Create Your Catalog

The first step is to log into your TikTok Ads Manager account. In your dashboard, click on Assets in the main navigation bar. Most accounts will only have access to the following assets: Event, Creative, Audiences, and Comments. Only once you’ve contacted a sales representative will you find the Catalog option here.

Once it’s available to you and you’ve accessed this page, click the Create button. You’ll be prompted to add information about your catalog and its products such as the industry, catalog name, catalog owner, default currency and targeting location.

Read More Inside…

  • Add Products to Your TikTok Catalog
  • Create TikTok Collection Ads With or Without a Product
  • Create Your Campaign
  • Create Your Ad and Build an Instant Gallery Page
  • Publish the Ad and Begin Ad Review
  • Create TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads With a Product Catalog
  • Create Videos for the Products in Your Catalog
  • Connect Event Sources
  • Create Your TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ad Campaign
  • Create TikTok Lead Generation Ads
  • Create a Lead Generation Campaign
  • Design Your Lead Generation Ad
  • Conclusion

It’s not too late for your business to land a coveted spot on TikTok’s For You page. Through the power of creative and engaging video ads, you’ll be able to reach more people who are interested in buying your products and services to ultimately generate more sales.

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