Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Started…

Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Started…

Blog Flipping Secrets Getting Started… What you are going to do is build a content-rich niche-targeted blog, retain it for a period of time during which you build up the income that your blog is generating before selling it as and when appropriate. This works because there is always a (perhaps surprisingly high) level of demand in the market for proven money makers with blogs that have a track record of generating cash selling for hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars.

All the details of how this works will gradually unfold as you read through this guide but this is the basic concept in a nutshell.

Okay, so to start at the beginning, the first thing that you need to do is to build your niche targeted blog, and before you can do that, you need to find a market niche in which to build your site.

Finding a niche

To start with, it is essential to understand what a niche market is. Luckily, this is nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine.

In online marketing terms, a niche is a small sub-sector of a market or industry wherein there are plenty of people who are searching for information with a relatively limited degree of competition.

For example, if you were thinking of building a blog that is somehow focused on dogs because you happen to know something about them, building your blog with a focus on „dogs‟ in general is not marketing at a niche level.

‘Dogs‟ as a generic term represents a market or an industry. At this level, it would be extremely difficult to drive targeted visitors to your site if you focused your promotional efforts on the single word „dogs‟.

This should be clear from this Google search:

152 million competing results would make it impossible tough to send targeted traffic (i.e. visitors who are already interested in dog related matters) to your blog. Hence, there would be no way of generating income from it and without an income, you have nothing to sell when you flip the blog.

But you still want to create a blog that is somehow related to dogs, so you must narrow down your search. How about researching competition levels for “dog training‟?

It is better, but it still represents far too much competition because you are looking for a term that describes a market sector where there are less than 30,000 competing Google results when you search for an exact match by enclosing the term in inverted commas (“.”).

At this level, you are starting to see a niche, and it would be relatively easy to dominate the Google search results for this term.

This in turn means that Google will send targeted visitors to your site. It is these targeted visitors from whom you will generate the income that enables you to flip this blog a little further down the line.

Do not lose sight of the fact that purpose of building this blog is to sell it. Whether you are particularly interested in the market niche on which a blog is focused is therefore fairly irrelevant, because you are only going to keep it for a relatively short period of time anyway.

However, for the purposes of illustration, we will continue with the dog training example. From the previous Google search result, it should be obvious that you need to narrow down your topic still further.

Here is an example of a term that you could definitely use as the subject of your blog based on the competition levels:

This is exactly the kind of result that you’re seeking for several reasons.

Firstly, the immediate competition is fairly thin with just over 10,000 results indexed by Google. This looks good but I would run one further check by confirming the Google Page Rank of most of the competition that appears near to the top of this results page.

This helps to confirm that achieving a top search result is not going to be too difficult because if the top results returned by Google have a Page Rank of 4/10 or less, the chances that you can achieve a top three search ranking fairly quickly are excellent.

There are several ways you can check Page Rank quickly and easily.

One option is to download and install the Google Toolbar or you can install the free „Search status‟ Firefox add-on as both of these tools will display the Page Rank of any individual webpage you visit.

However, for convenience, my favorite tool is the SEO chat „Page Rank Search‟ tool because you can search using the same keyword phrase you have just researched and it will return Page Rank for all of the individual results at the same time:

You have three pages with a PR of 4/10, after which competition levels start to fall away. This means that getting your blog near to the top of the Google search results page is not going to be too difficult.

What we have just done is begun at a market level for continually narrowing things down to a niche market level where you can build a blog that you can monetize and flip.

This is the essence of finding a profitable niche. Start on a macro-level before drilling down to find specific sectors of that market where competition levels are not too high and are therefore beatable.

As further examples, whilst focusing on computers or education is not a market niche, focusing on the phrase „online computer course‟ certainly appears to be:

Online games and gaming is a huge market but ‘chess computer game‟ represents a terrific niche in the market because most online chess players are going to be avid lovers of their favorite game:

Apart from competition levels, another thing that you can learn from the search results pages is whether there is money being spent in the market into which you are thinking of making an injury. You spot this from the number of advertisers who are willing to pay Google to feature their advertising on the appropriate results page:

From this results page, you can see that there are advertisements featured both at the top left-hand corner of the screen and on the right hand side of the screen as well. You are not going to promote your blog using paid advertising resources like Google but seeing other people advertise indicates money being spent in the market.

One final advantage of getting into the “dog training problems‟ niche is the fact that the best blogs are always those that focus on providing answers or solving problems. The very nature of this search term indicates that people who have „dog training problems‟ are people who own a troublesome dog, people who need solutions for which they are probably willing to pay. This is therefore a potentially very profitable niche to target as well.

Best Wishes, Coyalita

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